Pho is for Lovers: A cure for what ails you

Just the smell of pho can make you feel like your cold is going away. What’s nice about the smell coming from a bowl at Pho is for Lovers, though, is that you didn’t have to go up to Richardson or Plano to get it.

The beef pho at Pho is for Lovers comes with filet, brisket and meatballs. (Photos by TAYLOR ADAMS)

The staff at pho is efficient in taking and preparing the orders, whether or not you’re staying in or taking a bag of the soup home to assemble yourself. If you’re a Dallas resident, then your drive home isn’t what it might be from a good joint up north, so your broth stays a piping-hot temperature.

The noodles at the bottom of the bowl are significantly better than when the restaurant opened up in the summer of 2011. Staying loose, they mix well with the beef filet and brisket which the steaming broth is finally poured over. (The beef pho comes with meatballs: I do recommend skipping these round, rubbery concoctions.)

The brown, paper sack is packed with broth, the pho necessities of noodles, scallions, onions and beef, optional items of sprouts, basil and sauce, and chopsticks.

After a crumple of basil and a squeeze of lime is added, a balanced broth offers a savory taste full of scallions and cilantro. A hint of ginger brings a slight sweetness that’s needed but not overwhelming.

The brisket is nothing too special: fatty, short slices of the beef get entangled in the noodles and offer a buttery bite. The real satisfaction in protein comes from the lengthy slices of filet. Cooked barely enough to be edible from the broth, this tender meat is worth digging through the soup with your chopsticks.
There’s plenty of other menu items to pursue if you’re not a pho lover or if you’re not looking to soothe your worsening cold. Try the grilled pork banh mi for a salty, crisp meat paired with fresh veggies in a light baguette.

The beef pho to go with filet and brisket.

Pho is for Lovers
Location: 5521 Greenville Ave., Ste. 105, Dallas972-708-1028
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Price: $
Service: Friendly. Walk-up order, to-go orders available
Ambiance: Clean, modern feel
Attire: Casual
Payment Information: Major credit cards accepted
Alcohol: None served
Seating: Indoor, with a few tables and chairs outside on the sidewalk


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