New York Subs a Dallas standard

In Philadelphia, it’s a hoagie. In Boston, a grinder; in Chicago, a sub; and in some parts of New York, it’s a wedge.

While growing up, my mother would always call it simply a sandwich; it quickly became known as a sub to me.

My brother and I didn’t grow up in Chicago, but we did live near New York Sub in University Park.

It was a favorite destination for bike rides with friends, but even when going to school at SMU, it remained a convenient and desired lunch spot.

It is the kind of ordering line where you have to know what you’re getting. Don’t go up to the person behind the high counter and waste time, asking what kind of cheese is available. It’s best to pick your favorite and hope they have it (and they probably do, as long as it’s nothing too daring.)

A sandwich of ham, salami, provolone, lettuce, oregano and oil from New York Sub. (Photo by TAYLOR ADAMS)

The best option here is to go with the cold cuts. The thinly sliced meat is perfectly folded underneath the shredded lettuce. Even more importantly, on top of the lettuce is the adequate amount of oregano and oil.

The pastrami is a good slice of meat, though it’s not the best “hot” sandwich to get here. Though the bread is warm and soft, your selected cheese won’t be.

A simple pastrami and Swiss with mustard is easily achieved at the Eastern U.S. chain D’Angelo’s, where the pastrami is appropriately griddled with fresh slices of Swiss on top.

A pastrami and Swiss sandwich with mustard at New York Sub. (Photo by TAYLOR ADAMS)

In Dallas, even, there are probably better choices for this. The bread is fine, but not worthy of saving this sandwich.

Go with the cold cuts and oil (on white bread, of course) and you’re golden.

New York Sub

Location: 3411 Asbury St., Dallas, 214-522-1070
Hours: Monday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Ambiance: Casual, worn booths filling the dining space for those who don’t take their sandwiches to go
Payment information: Major credit cards accepted
Alcohol: none served

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