Sometimes, it’s ok to have dessert for breakfast

Like a mercedes emblem can do to a vehicle, some Ricotta can make any meal evolve to a more desirable purchase—on pizza, blended into a filling for a cannoli, and especially inside pancakes. A meal that isn’t on enough breakfast menus in Dallas, ricotta pancakes can make the light and fluffy cakes into a rich indulgence. Thankfully, there’s at least one Uptown spot that offers them, and an entire list of other delectable meals to start the day.

Dream Café has a stack of what they call cloud cakes, though I would call these ricotta pancakes to be denser than a white fluff in the sky, especially since they’re topped with a sloppy dollop of crème fraiche and sliced strawberries. Despite the inappropriate name, these are a meal worth ordering (with a side of bacon). I would probably order the stack every time if they knocked off the strawberries and put blueberries inside with an essence of lemon mixed in with that ricotta.

The Sunny Side breakfast at Dream Café.

On the other side of the menu are some combos, one of which, called the Sunny Side, features a classic breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon with French toast; but this isn’t your average griddled, day-old bread. Of course, the bacon and eggs were prepared to act as suitable co-stars to the sweet breakfast plate. Known for having some healthier options, the menu creators at Dream Café decided to crust this battered bread in granola–a style that is more pleasing than it sounds. For all of those restaurants out there throwing out limp, soggy French toast, all they need to do is throw some granola around it to create this crisp outside that encompasses a soft bread in the middle.
If you do go in for a healthier breakfast, try to the New Yorker, a plate of smoked salmon and a toasted bagel with herbed cream cheese, capers, onion and a side of scrambled egg. OK, so it’s still a plate-full of food, (it doesn’t even have the heart graphic on it that mean’s it’s a “smart choice”) but there has to be less guilt involved that the plate of ricotta pancakes. Some real healthier choices on the menu (that do get the hearts beside them) are the oatmeal and egg whites or the Glorified omelette with spinach, Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms.
The dinner menu changes seasonally, and looks good whenever I glance at it, but I haven’t yet had a chance to drop in any time before noon.
Dream Café
Location: 2800 Routh St., Dallas, 214-954-0486
Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Price: $$
Service: Friendly.
Ambiance: Indoor and patio seating–indoor feels like a local diner (for the South, at least); the outside is in the middle of the Quadrangle, which puts you by a small, manmade waterfall and gives you a good opportunity for people-watching.
Attire: Casual
Payment Information: Major credit cards accepted
Alcohol: A small list of breakfast cocktails, sangria, margaritas

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