Where are you getting your oysters today?

Aug. 5 is National Oyster Day © David Kay | Dreamstime.com

It’s National Oyster Day.

That means you know what you’re having for lunch or what your dinner’s appetizer will be. Where will you indulge? Here are a couple of options.

S&D Oyster Company is the first that comes to my mind, of course. There’s a reason it’s been around for 35 years (and it’s not just because Owen Wilson used to work there).

Aw Shucks (which really needs a comma) is a Greenville favorite–and will soon be one in Lewisville after it opened its doors last week.

Dodie’s serves raw oysters by themselves or with shrimp for a deal. (And if you are tempted by the Cajun items on the menu, go for it. Ellen Zielinski, a Baton Rouge native and picky Cajun eater, picks this as her favorite Dallas spot for the cuisine.)


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