Another weak attempt at Another Broken Egg

Many restaurants have a wait on Saturday mornings for breakfast. When I was able to park my car directly in front of the door to Another Broken Egg and have my two-person party be immediately directed to a six-person table last Saturday, I had a feeling my meal might not be a five-star breakfast.

Biscuit beignets at Another Broken Egg.

My anxiety changed when the waiter seemed sincere in wishing us good morning, bringing us coffee and convincing us to get the “famous” biscuit beignets before we even opened our menus. The honey-marmalade combo in the cup next to the petit beignes was a little too bitter for the morning, but I’ll choose any jelly before opening up a marmalade. I asked for honey, dipped my mini-scone-looking pastry in the smooth sweetness and took a bite. I didn’t mind the flavor, actually, I just felt like I was at Uncle Julio’s. The fact that I was eating biscuit beignets, though, made for a dense sopapilla gone bad.

Because I wasn’t giving up because of an appetizer and I still hadn’t surpassed the limit of sugar for the morning, I gave the French toast a try.

French toast with bacon and eggs at Another Broken Egg.

I’m a big French toast fan, and I really don’t set the bar terribly high for grilled, soak bread. I’m wowed by few places, and Another Broken Egg proved to serve an “acceptable” breakfast. The presentation was an odd one, with the pieces placed in a spiral, the grilled batter flowing off the edge of the bread. The plate was full of pieces with good flavor, but a flavor resting in a grilled bread that never quite met that awesome crispness that keeps in heat and holds up syrup.

As you may have guessed, this wasn’t my first breakfast here. Months ago, I had gone to this restaurant, waited on the benches with numerous other people to get a coveted table and tried this chain restaurant that had just opened on Upper Greenville. I decided to give the brand new restaurant a chance, ignoring the aloof waitress, the flavorless, heatless eggs and the spider that joined us for breakfast that day. Seems my recent meal there wasn’t so bad.

This restaurant wasn’t a total failure, by any means. With the plethora breakfast options in town, though, it’s probably going on my “don’t-go-to” list of restaurants.

Another Broken Egg
Location: 5500 Greenville Ave., Ste. 1300, Dallas, 214-782-9927
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Price: $
Service: Friendly.
Ambiance: The brightly colored wood paneling and wooden stools at the bar (yes, bar) makee you feel like your in an East Coast establishment.
Attire: Casual
Payment Information: Major credit cards accepted
Alcohol: Beer, wine, various versions of a bloody Mary, mimosa and coffe with liqueur drinks



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2 responses to “Another weak attempt at Another Broken Egg

  1. suzanne obrien

    ABE Greenville has closed but for the being the Casa Linda location is still lpen. Michaeldure OBrien, chef and partner, with all the expertise was asked to leave after the work he put into opening up their 2nd Grenville location. not sure if Chris and his dad Andy Harwood still own the Casa Linda spot or if they may be trying to sell. Very sad tale as my hhsband took much pride in his work, in his restaurant, felt this was going to be his ticket to retirement until he had no choice but to exit. Michael suffered a breakdown and the whole family and our finances suffered at the hands of wrong doing. I saved a picture of its closing kn my phone as a screensaver.

  2. Lilly

    Suzanne obrien is incorrect. Micheal brought his drug habit to work. He constantly made the wait staff feel uncomfortable by talking about how Unsatisfied he was with his marriage because he didn’t know how to tell his wife she was getting fat. He brought nothing but bad energy and caused disgruntled workers. He left during busy shifts to meet his coke dealer, and other days was caught “working hard sleeping at the desk”. At one point a server almost filed sexual harassment charges on him but did not want to hurt the business name. Perhaps his breakdown was from personal guilt. Not to mention he was paid very well for his separation, which contributed to the locations closing. I also believe as a separation agreement it is illegal for you to even write the above mentioned post. I guess birds of a feather flock together.

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