A cannoli that’s worth it (in Dallas!)

I’m writing from New Jersey today, but last night inspired me to write about a small spot in Dallas. We went into Philadelphia yesterday, where I had one of the best Italian meals I’ve ever had in the U.S. after stopping by a small bakery near the Italian market that had an assortment of Italian sweets, and of course, an amazing cannoli.

Turns out our restaurant, Villa Di Roma, gets their cannois from this bakery, known as Isgro Pasticceria. So lucky me, I got to have two amazing cannolis in one day. The pastry was flaky, but dense and crisp enough to encase the fluffy, rich ricotta filling. It doesn’t exactly cheer me up, knowing that I’ll soon be over 1,000 miles from this Italian delicacy.

A muffuletta and cannoli to go from Jimmy’s Food Store/Photo: Michael Danser

Fortunately, Jimmy’s has proven to be an acceptable go-to for my cravings of Italian market goods, sandwiches, and even desserts in Dallas. The muffuletta is massive and delicious, just as it should be, with fresh cut cheese and deli meat with olives that try to overwhelm each bite.

More importantly, this is the only place in Dallas where I bite into a cannoli and think, “yes,” rather than, “why is there a Texan messing up a Sicilian dessert?” The traditional ricotta filling is smooth and on the verge of being dense. The pastry is crisp with a few small air bubbles. The cannoli isn’t a sweet dessert, which is why places offer it with chocolate chips or pistachios. Get a traditional or chocolate (for 75 cents more), but really you shouldn’t bother choosing; just split both with a friend to make sure you don’t miss out.

This Italian food store also has isles of Italian wine, some of which have been praised by local publications, along with fresh, uncooked pasta to go, olives and other necessities that may go with your Italian cooking. I still need to go back to try the meatball sandwich, but for now, I can’t walk in without getting a cannoli.

Jimmy’s Food Store
Location: 4901 Bryan St., Dallas, 214-823-6180
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Closed Sunday.
Service: They’re friendly when you order quickly
Ambiance: The market has a few small tables, each a perfect spot for an afternoon sandwich (or cannoli)
Attire: Casual
Payment Information: All major credit cards accepted
Alcohol: Wine (If you buy a bottle and eat lunch there, they’ll open the bottle for you.)
Seating: Indoor and outdoor (sidewalk in front of the market)


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