Tacos that are good 2 go, better 2 eat

My craving for breakfast tacos has failed to diminish, as I kept trying new places and being disappointed with poor chorizo, too much egg or pitiful tortillas. However, I have managed to add one more place to my (short) list of favorite taco shops.

Paris, TX, Chorizo with cheese taco and the SoCo taco/Photo: Michael Danser

Good 2 Go Taco has a list of its own tacos with ingredients ranging from traditional picadillo to biscuits and gravy (yes, inside of a tortilla). Of course, customers can also make their own combinations, (the chorizo is a good choice) but I suggest going for one of the options written on the chalk board.

On the breakfast menu is a greasy mess inside of a tortilla named the Hangover Helper. Keep this place in mind if you’re ever in need of such a remedy because mashed potatoes with the house chorizo and cheddar will do the trick for only $3.50. If you get it with another taco, there’s no confusing it with another–it’s the one covering the foil in an orange grease.

For something just as meaty without the grease, try the Paris, Texas ($4). Take a bite of this taco and you’ll get some grilled hanger steak with egg and potato, all smothered in a charred tomato Hollandaise sauce. The charred taste is a better pairing with the meat than the typical, buttery sauce. Plus, there’s more than a bit of spinach to make you feel  less guilty (though the taco really is better without it).

If you’ve seen my post on Barbec’s, you know I have a slight passion for biscuits and gravy, as does some taco creator at Good 2 Go. The breakfast sandwich meets the breakfast taco in the SoCo ($3.50), which has breakfast sausage, egg, biscuits, potato and cream gravy inside a tortilla. All components are surprisingly adequate, though the whole wrapped a tortilla aspect will take some getting used to. The real biscuits and gravy breakfast elsewhere is a better choice than this attempt.

The menu on the chalk board changes frequently, once on it was the Picadillo Circus. Though it’s not there now, the picadillo was above par. The tortilla strips on it, however, made this a taco I wouldn’t order again. Luckily, there is another lunch option I found pleasing.

The Hotlanta taco: waffle-battered chicken with a few sweet potatoes and honey butter/Photo: Taylor Adams

When it’s brought to your table, whether it’s sitting in a basket or wrapped in foil inside of a paper bag, you’ll instantly think of Fair Park in the fall. This is is nothing below the experience of fair food: it’s fried decadence that gives you the premonition of a heart attack and the guilt of potential weight gain. The Hotlanta taco ($4) is one I didn’t imagine loving: inside this tortilla is honey butter topping a few sweet potatoes and waffle-battered chicken. I had no idea this turn on fried chicken and waffles would be something I could crave outside of the Texas State Fair. A moist piece of chicken is brought almost to perfection, surrounded by a crisp, sweet batter. I was worried about the sweet potatoes I saw on the cheese-dusted chicken, but with the few included, they complemented the sweetness of the waffle batter, similar to the usefulness of syrup.

I don’t typically like the rave reviews, but this Hotlanta is worth the praise, and the calories.

Good 2 Go Taco (Click here for Good 2 Go’s Facebook site)
Location: 1146 Peavy Road, Dallas, 75218, 214-519-9110
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Closed Monday)
Price: $
Service: Friendly, quick
Ambience: Local, clean taco joint meets a local, hip coffee house
Attire: Casual
Payment information: All major credit cards accepted
Alochol: None served
Seating: Indoor and outdoor (the sidewalk in front of the restaurant)


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