1 year and another taco joint

We’ve been eating delicious tacos from a metal tray for a year now, as Rusty Taco marks its birthday of one year today. Owner Rusty Fenton, who also co-founded Uncle Julio’s, has a celebration in store for this upcoming weekend with a concert and slashed taco prices.

“We’re going to have a big, old wing ding on the patio,” Fenton told me.

Jayson Bales performed on the taco joint’s opening day last year, and he’s returning with his band, “Sons of Taco,” Saturday at 7 p.m.

While Fenton sounds excited for his restaurant to make its one-year mark, he wasn’t exactly planning on it for months in advance.

“I forgot we were a year old,” he said, “my employees actually reminded me.”

While Fenton’s on Greenville today, he also has his focus on St. Paul, Minn., where Minnesotans are also tasting delicious tacos today and apparently, they’re liking it.

Fenton explained that while Minnesota has good food of its own, it’s unsurprisingly lacking in much authentic Mexican cuisine.

“They’re happy with what we’ve given them,” he said.

Owners of the new franchise location came down to Dallas to train for a month to develop the right attitude of the restaurant and, of course, take with them the recipes. Fenton and others then went up to St. Paul, where they helped the new restaurant open.

He says the new restaurant feels similar to the Dallas joint, it’s just missing a patio and some Texas heat.


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