A rusty breakfast

A couple of tacos at Rusty Taco/Photo: Michael Danser for the Daily Campus

I have been craving breakfast tacos for about two weeks now. I have no idea why it took my so long to fulfill this craving, but finally, I was able to get some egg, cheese and chorizo enveloped in a tortilla this morning.

With Rusty Taco‘s proximity to the SMU campus, it’s amazing I’m not stopping by every day. They’re regular tacos on the menu are fine, but it’s the breakfast that’s really worth the short trip (and even the calories).

I went for two tacos this morning: one bacon, one chorizo. Let me note, if you go with this pairing, it’s imperative that you have the bacon first, that way the grease of the chorizo doesn’t make you feel so horribly that you can’t have a second taco.

Rusty Taco’s approach to bacon has improved since the taco joint first opened–flimsy strips of bacon on top of egg have been replaced with bits of crispy bacon intermixed with the melted cheese and egg. The chorizo taco should be handled carefully–the grease will escape the moment you pick it up. I’m not sure if there’s a better meat to start the day with other than chorizo, and Rusty Taco provides it to me in a small flour tortilla holding in egg, cheese, and the ever-necessary sausage.

Curious about other items at Rusty Taco? See my full review in the Daily Campus.


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