The home of a classic breakfast

When searching the breakfast menu of a restaurant, I frequently skip over the omelettes and go straight for pancakes, crepes or biscuits and gravy. But every so often, when my eyes don’t make that jump, my choice will be cheese, ham, green onion and bell pepper carefully encompassed in egg: a Denver omelette, or what some of you may know as the Western omelette.

I’ve perused various sources to find the origin of this classic, but found ambiguous answers, including one from Denver’s Westword that was informative, but one that was still without a final answer. However, on my trip to Denver, my boyfriend and I were able to find a place that claims to be the home of the Denver Omelette.

The Denver omelette at the Delectable Egg/Photo: Taylor Adams

The Delectable Egg is a local chain in Denver (and Westminster), providing customers with a menu listing various appetizing meals, but I wasn’t coming up to the mile-high city to order waffles. Offered with breakfast potatoes and a choice of toast, an english muffin or pancakes, this Denver omelette comes out  with sliced ham and bell pepper on top of the egg combo.


The toast was toast. The breakfast potatoes needed work–added salt helped, but some crispiness to the outside of these small chunks would have made them acceptable. What was important, however, was up to my expectations. The omelette was nothing different and spectacular–it wasn’t baked or complimented with foreign ingredients. However, it was simply the way a Denver omelette should taste, which is something many restaurants can’t seem to figure out. The ratio of meat, cheese and veggies was perfect: with each bite the cheese would melt and the bell pepper would crunch; and there was the right about of ham to provide the meatiness required in a full breakfast.

This alleged home of this classic is a good destination for this breakfast favorite: it’s simple and it’s perfect.

The Delectable Egg
Location: (Multiple) 1642 Market St., Denver, 80202, 303-572-8146
Hours: Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Saturday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Price: $ (items are below $10)
Service: Friendly, attentive
Ambiance: Small, downtown breakfast joint
Attire: Casual
Credit Cards: All major cards accepted
Alcohol: None served
Seating: Indoor seating


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