iPads and cannolis

It’s midterm time at SMU and my review of English notes is constantly interrupted by my conversations on Twitter. I’m seeking advice on whether or not I should get an iPad and whether or not there is such a thing as a good cannoli in Dallas.

I made a horrible decision right before my 18th birthday. I was in Boston’s North End and I came to realize the time had come for me to try my first cannoli. I wish someone had stopped me. I live in Dallas: A city filled with many Italian restaurants, ranging in quality from “I’ll go there on my birthday” to “The convenient location isn’t even worth it.”

So my first quest begins. I’m searching for the best cannoli in Dallas. Mike Drago, assistant managing editor at the Dallas Morning News, suggests I avoid the trouble. Travis Hudson, web editor at the DMN, tells me to start at Jimmy’s.

The cannoli at Angelo’s is decent–topped with pistachio, the Sicilian dessert is pleasing after spaghetti, but not on par with the North End perfection. I can advise to avoid the cannoli sitting in Central Market’s display case. Beyond that, there’s work to be done.

My research and eating begins tomorrow.


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