Finding my “Appetite for Architecture”

My brother, the architect, is lousy company for the first couple of minutes at a restaurant. As I’m commenting on menu items and beginning my complicated routine in picking something, his eyes are wondering everywhere. No, he’s not looking at women walking by, nor is he looking at food being placed on the table beside us (though I might be). He’s looking up, down, left, right, up again, down again. I’m sure those who dine with him for the first time think his wandering eyes are the result of his awkwardness–unless they’re architects, then they probably understand.

Dallas Fish Market is the venue for Thursday's "Appetite for Architecture."

Even for those of us who may not think about the detail of the ceiling in the restaurant before the freshness of the tomatoes in the Caprese, the space of the restaurant is a great effect on the dining experience. This Thursday, Tyler (the bro) and I are headed to Dallas Fish Market to look at restaurant design as part of “Appetite for Architecture.”

The Dallas Center for Architecture is hosting the event, open to professionals and community members, which is just the first of many to come. The Center hopes to have several of these events a year, where people “gather in an architecturally significant restaurant for food and drink and to hear from the architects/designers of the space and the chefs who inhabit them,” according the event’s website.

Dallas Fish Market is  located in the Kirby Building on Main Street, making this spot an ideal first venue for this series of events. 5gStudio architects will be there, discussing their work on renovating the landmarked building. The restaurant’s founder, Mike Hoque, will also be there, talking about his work with the architects in developing his ideal restaurant.

Wine and appetizers will help begin the evening at 6 p.m., followed by the discussion at 6:30. If  interested, you can register for $25. Otherwise, follow my tweets that night.


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