What I would miss most if I had to move north

Photo by Taylor Adams

There are numerous aspects of Dallas that I love: the heat, the friendly people and of course, the food. After–really, not that much that thought at all, I came to realize that I really don’t know how I could live a fully-content life without easy access to fried chicken.

As most of us know, not all fried chicken is good chicken; thankfully, there’s Bubba’s. I’ve been lucky enough to be near a consistent source for the comfort food for much of my life. As a child, my dad and I would stop by Bubba’s for breakfast before I went to elementary school. Today, its location down the block from the SMU campus makes it an ideal Sunday lunch destination after church.

The batter is my main focus on most fried food items. Some restaurants prepare chicken pieces with a delicate batter that falls off just as you pick it up. As the batter is usually the best part, this is simply not acceptable. Others have a dense crust, one more appropriate for chicken fried steak. There’s a golden mean of batter consistency that’s necessary to achieve chicken-fried perfection, and I believe Bubba’s reaches it every time.

Options of fried chicken take over the left side of the board above the order counter at the small restaurant. Depends on the day, but a leg and a wing will do for me, or the chicken tenders (the fried, not the grilled) are more than satisfying–just depends if I feel like getting my hands messy.

I feel that there are certain sides that should accompany fried chicken: mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans or baked beans. But Bubba’s has some other options for those who are less limiting to their comfort food items: squash casserole, yams, coleslaw and corn on the cob are just a few.

Bubba’s is owned by Babe’s, which I’ve only visited three times in Carollton (none of the nine Babe’s locations are a convenient distance from me). I’m thankful I have the Bubba’s for one reason only–the yeast rolls. While Babe’s serves standard biscuits with their fried meals, Bubba’s serves buttery rolls that when you tear apart, seem to be too soft to handle the honey that pairs so perfectly with them.

Unless I tried them when I was 7, I believe I have never tried Bubba’s cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I suppose I’ll be stopping by there before church this Sunday.

6617 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, 75205
Take-out, drive-through and sit-down
Breakfast, lunch and dinner served 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.


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  1. joegran

    I absolutely LOVE fried chicken, but I’ve never had (nor heard of) Bubba’s before, but I definitely agree with you about how the batter makes the chicken. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life, is Bubba’s more of a Southern thing?

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