A sweet side of society

Photo by Taylor Adams

After finding out the loyal Daily Campus staff members would survive their drives through icy weather to create a newspaper for this week, I decided to make a stop on Greenville Avenue to bring gifts showing my gratitude. Of course, my presents of appreciation always come in some form of chocolate, and today’s chocolate presents came from none other than Society Bakery.

This small store is always surprisingly loud when I walk in; the small kitchen in the back seems to always be packed with a staff fulfilling an order (this time the order was some Green Bay Packer-themed cookies).

The bright colors on the walls and decor are typical for many bakeries that I’ve visited, but the homemade look of these cupcakes are something different than the other cupcake-filled bakeries. The over-sized cupcakes impressively manage to stay inside the cupcake liner while a thick swirl of frosting tops the mushroom-shaped dessert.

Photo by Taylor Adams

Popular favorites of chocolate, carrot cake and red velvet are lined inside the glass casing. As with many bakeries, the red velvet is the big seller for this spot. But I find myself ordering the chocolate and banana cupcake more often than anything else. Society uses fresh banana in the cake, making it the most moist of any other option on their cupcake list. Crisp chips of chocolate contrast this smooth banana cake that holds a heap of banana frosting.

Society is also known for its whoopie pies–worth ordering on your second visit. But for me, I’m all about the cupcake.


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