Some perfect pizza found in a Dallas dive

It has one door. It holds one bar that reaches down one side of the small room it has for dining. It has a few windows that never get to let in light. It doesn’t even have a website. What it does have is a retro interior that serves as the ideal setting for martinis and pizza.

Louie’s is known for its pizza in Dallas, which explains how this small building on the side of the road gets adequate business on a Monday night.

After walking through the miniature entryway, we waited to be seated (which, by the way, you don’t need to do) and already heard the bartender taking martini orders from three arriving customers.

And just a slight warning for you while you’re waiting on your meal to arrive: the bartender serves his drinks generously strong (at least it was for my Cape Codder).

The small Caesar we ordered was more than an appetizer to split, but acceptable considering it was $7. Had the dressing recipe used half the amount of anchovy that it did, this acceptably-sized salad would have been gratifying–and I’m a true appreciator of anchovy flavor in a Caesar. But some sparse croutons and just a light dusting of Parmesan couldn’t save the overwhelming fish taste in this one.

Thankfully, my main meal wasn’t near the disappointment of the Caesar. I prefer a thin crust on my pizza, as do many Dallasites, according to the full tables in this establishment. But Louie’s has the crust that is both crisp  enough to make a loud bite and sturdy enough to hold your toppings of choice.

My pizza last night had pepperoni and jalepenos (which my date proceeded to tell me makes a nacho out of a pizza). I appreciate a copious amount of cheese on my pizza, and the Wisconsin cheese layer on this one simply made me eat more than I should have.

Next trip, I may jump on the crab claws for appetizers and try one of Louie’s sandwiches. But I may take a pizza home afterward, just in case.


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