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REVIEW: Angelo’s Spaghetti House

Photo by Michael Danser

See my review of Angelo’s Spaghetti House on the Daily Campus website.

Located at 6341 La Vista Drive in Dallas, this Lakewood restaurant is one of my favorite places for my Italian cravings.


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The power of a classic

Photo by Michael Danser

I’ve had this blog set up for 12 days now.  In that time, I have attended 28.5 hours of class and slept just over 65 hours, which I’m sure is the same number of hours  I have spent  in the Daily Campus newsroom.

So why no blog post?

Sure, it’s a food blog among the seemingly infinite number of food blogs on the Web; this is bound to be intimidating for the virgin blogger. But I’ve eaten since I landed a name for the blog. I can’t imagine having consumed nearly 36 meals and not feeling inspired enough to write about one. Of course, I was overlooking a meal I crave, if not devour, every week.

It’s a classic dish that many scanning eyes pass over on the menu because many believe it to be boring. I know when I order it while with a group of people, I get looks of judgement for choosing something so typical. But when prepared appropriately, this steaming dish of an Italian favorite is the ultimate comfort food.

It’s simplicity, it’s meaty; really, it’s a necessity. Spaghetti. Spaghetti with marinara sauce. Spaghetti with meat sauce. Spaghetti with meatballs. Any kind can fulfill the comfort food craving we all love to succumb to. But really, nothing hits the spot more than spaghetti with meat sauce. There are certain restaurants where I love the menu, but never bother perusing it because I haven’t had spaghetti and meat sauce in at least eight days.

Those who make the face of disappointment when they hear me order the classic, don’t seem to share my passion for the dish.

A tomato sauce, slightly sweet from the freshness of the tomatoes, paired with fine meat and seasonings simmers to perfection before freshly-cooked spaghetti pasta is stirred in. Once on the plate,  the mound of pasta is topped with finely shredded Parmesan cheese for just one second before melting into the sauce. When going for the first bite, there’s no considering where to start: the fork simply dives in and starts swirling around before lifting into the air for an ambitious size of a bite. It’s a meal I find worthy of over indulgence.

Where do I go for this gluttonous experience? If I can’t talk my boyfriend (who, luckily for me, is a quarter Italian) into making it for me, there’s only one place I go. Find out where my spaghetti destination is in the Jan. 28 edition of the Daily Campus.


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